Circumcision For All Baby Boys!

Last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Task Force on Circumcision met to finalize the organization’s new policy on circumcision – which could recommend circumcision for all baby boys. Circumcision is a decision and it is not an easy one for parents to do thinking of the actual act, but pain itself cannot be remembered; even by adults, only the experiences associated with pain can be recalled in later life if other traumas were added to the specific child, such as physical and emotional abuse…

That is why babies don’t remember the pain, and with a good Mohel/Rabby they don’t even feel the immediate pain, or they get some numbing medication or wine or water mixed with sugar to numb the nerve as well as distracting the infants mind from the pain… Remember our brain produce enough of the good hormone during the circumcision, because the mother or close family are helping to increase the levels of the feel-good hormone, known as Serotonin… We also have the Oxytocin, which is another feel good hormone also known as the “Cuddle Hormone”.

Oxytocin is released when we feel love, trust and comfort. It can be even more powerful than serotonin.

However, circumcision has many great benefits. It can prevent urinary tract infections, phimosis, paraphimosis, and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. For example, in a randomized control trial, circumcision reduced the risk of acquiring HIV infection by 53%.

I have helped training mothers with natural child birth using hypnosis, and part of the conflict most of the natural child practitioners have is with this specific sensitive subject, some are against circumcision and therefore they are not so respectful and understanding, while they area trying to reinforce their personal opinion on parents during the natural child birth education, and this disturb me, since I believe they should never be allowed to take an advantage of this situation.

In my opinion, I think it is unethical for individual practitioners to allow themselves to educate moms for natural child birth while trying to use the same practice to make parents guilty with their personal decision, and I have herd story’s and not once that during their natural child birth practice, they are tolled not to allow circumstance due to the fact that it is not their baby’s choice. Unfortunately this kind of opinion can reinforce some negative impact on the expecting parents, especially mothers, it can leave them with a huge angr, fear and guilt, and as a result marital argument between the couple trying to convince the other partner to follow their natural child birth educator advice, also can trigger post traumatic stress disorder. Again, in my opinion, it’s not our business as child birth educator to reinforce our ideas or opinions; we need to remember to respect others with their life long decisions!

Even though circumcision has lots of benefits, parents are often still reluctant toward the procedure, where I was asked to care for the baby and to get him ready for the procedure, I have even asked to hold the baby during and after their circumcision, and from my experience, the job was done and the celebration was total blessing to all. On the other hand, many parents choose to circumcise their sons based on their religious, cultural, and ethnical beliefs and once again, in my opinion, this traditions needs to be respected.

An Education For Freedom in the 21st Century

As a former teacher, I often think of the ideal education, but I have realized that I am really thinking of the ideal education for me. Despite the current bias towards specialized knowledge and belief that education is to train students to make a living and against the Liberal Arts, I still believe as the ancients did that technical education is servile education, an education for slaves.

It eventually leads to submissions to some form of authority who pays for the professional service rendered. It requires a trade of time for money. You life is not really your own. As long as you must ask permission to go or stay, you are merely a serf, tied to a job, no matter how well paid.

Unfortunately, the education of the Free, the Liberal Arts, requires a life of leisure, and those who pursue this higher form live in a time and culture that values the practical over the impractical, utility over beauty, security over freedom, and so receive little pay, finding themselves in a different form of slavery: financial slavery, perhaps even poverty.

I refused to accept these two forms of slavery. What form of education would provide the freedom to live in the manner I wanted? How could I be free from a job that restricted my time? And how could I have the time freedom that did not condemn me to a life of poverty?

I knew I didn’t want a job, no matter how well paying. Going on welfare was not an option. That too is a form of slavery, and how was I to pay for the travel? I had to work for myself. Freelance writing or translating was a possibility, but it still didn’t provide money or lifestyle I wanted. I needed to find a means to earn money that allowed me to travel well and gave me the leisure to pursue my real interests. I also wanted to be able to do it anywhere in the world, that meant it had to be on the Internet, unless I were to be a writer, and that usually didn’t pay enough either.

After years of looking, and frequently despairing that I was condemned to a life of “quiet desperation,” I found the answer. It was so obvious. It was everywhere I looked. I just hadn’t tied it all together. The Liberal Arts taught me how to be free and to think, but there is a form of specialized knowledge that gave me the time and financial freedom I wanted anywhere in the world.

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Personal Student Loans For All Aspiring Students

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